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"Repeal" of Spanish Labor Reforms Is Limited

What's in the Dutch Coalition Agreement

The Next Dutch Government, Explained

Don't Fall for Putin's Propaganda About Ukraine

Spain Tries to Attract More Expats

Two Visions of France

French Republicans Do Macron A Favor

France's Republican Presidential Primary, Explained

What's in Germany's "Traffic Light" Coalition Agreement

Commission Sides with Rutte over Macron on Industrial Policy

Biden Did Not End Trump's Trade War with Europe

Catalan Budget Crisis Is Tied to Independence

Dutch Get Preview of Next Government's Policies

Repeal of Spanish Labor Reforms Is Unwise

Germany Has Bigger Drug Problem Than Netherlands

Costa Loses Support of Portugal's Far Left

Democrats Would Make American Child Care More Expensive

Political Fragmentation Hasn't Weakened Germany

Sway with Me: How Italy's Salvini Lost His Credibility

French Election Is Macron's to Lose

Spain Tries to Solve Yesterday's Housing Crisis

How Poland Ended Up Defying EU Law

Opposition to Nuclear Power Is Irrational

Breakthrough in Dutch Coalition Talks

The Return of European Social Democracy

Outlines of a Green-Liberal Pact for Germany

German Election: Takeaways and Next Steps

Sixteen Years in Power: Merkel's Successes and Failures

Europe's High Energy Prices, Explained

German Left Has Wrong Ideas for Housing Market

European Defense: If Not Now, When?

Catalan-Spanish Talks Accomplish Little

Curaçao Accepts Dutch Supervision of Economic Reforms

Sánchez Walks Back Promises to Catalans

Scholz Should Stay the Course

Why It's Taking So Long to Form a Government in the Netherlands

Laschet Is Dragging Germany's Christian Democrats Down

What's at Stake in the German Election

What's in France's New Climate Law

American Health Care Is Worst in Rich World

Who Wants to Live in Hungary?

America's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Explained

Conservative Wunderkind Loses His Shine

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't: EU Climate Edition

Biden's Child Benefits Don't Make Child Care Cheaper

Splits on the Right Force Rutte to Consider Coalition with the Left

Judges Need to Know Their Place

Political Fragmentation Isn't the Problem

Macron Should Go Ahead with Pension Reforms

Swedish Housing Crisis Has Similarities with Netherlands

The EU's Farm Deal, Explained

What Sánchez Should Do Next for Catalonia

Regional Vote Throws Doubt on Macron's Reelection Strategy

Dutch Likely to Reverse Labor Market Liberalizations

Dutch Right Alarmed as Left Needed to Form Government

Pardons Are the Least Sánchez Can Do for Catalans

Socialists Miss Opportunity in Catalonia

Labour's Problems Go Deeper Than Starmer

Madrid's Díaz Ayuso Is Not an Inspiration

National Implications of the Madrid Regional Election

The Arguments For and Against Scottish Independence

Trumpification of the Spanish Right in Madrid

Is Macron's Law and Order Offensive Justified?

Why Germany's Greens Are on the Rise

Conservatives Win Battle for Spanish Courts

Draghi Has the Right Plans for Italy

Waiting for a Deal in Catalonia

Don't Panic About Macron's Reelection (Yet)

Söder Can Give Germany's Christian Democrats Fresh Start

Europe Doesn't Need a Biden

Rutte's Opponents Smell Blood in the Water

Fragmented Dutch Parliament Lacks Experience

The Dictator of France

Netanyahu's Rivals Must Do Deal with Arab Parties

Spanish Tribulations in Multiparty Democracy

Dutch Election: Takeaways and What Happens Next

Foreign Press Are Missing the Story in the Dutch Election

Rutte Is More Pro-EU Than His Critics Allow

Dutch Should Keep Health Care System They Have

Financial Times Smears Netherlands' Rutte as Bigot

Dutch Left Could Have Worst Election in Decades

Child Benefits Could Outlive Biden's COVID-19 Stimulus

EU Can't Trust Britain to Keep Its Word

What's at Stake in the Dutch Election

Hit Piece Calls Center-Left Sánchez Spain's Donald Trump

What Divides Dutch Voters

Draghi Understands What Italy Needs

Catalan Election: Takeaways and What Happens Next

Italy Shouldn't Need Draghi

Far Right Comes to Sánchez' Rescue in Spain

America Needs a de Gaulle

Merkel's Party Doesn't Need More Ideology

Biden Plans $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Rescue Program

Be Careful About Bringing Back Big Government

What Biden Should Prioritize in His First Term